Success = Happiness

Some people grow up to believe success is based off of what kind of a check you bring in. Or how much money you make and what type of status you pull within your community because of said income. I grew up differently. My mom's definition of success is plain and simple...happiness. For me to feel completely successful as an adult in life is to reflect on my level of happiness. I did a lot of soul searching over the last month or so. Something wasn't adding up. The career path I was on is oh so impressive to everyone around me...except for me. Not because of the company I work for or because of the work I'm doing....quite the opposite. I love my job....but it's not what I'm head over heels passionate about. So I decided to make the scariest decision of my adult life...step down and follow the path to happiness. What does that mean? That means I'm ready to literally be a starving artist because that's my creativity is what excites my soul and makes me why would I wait any longer to take care of myself in that manor? It's only scary because of everyone's normal reactions to what I'm doing...the thing is though.., I've never been more sure about a decision I've made as an adult. I have no issue being transparent about who I am, what I want, or where I'm going. I just hope that everyone around me understands and possibly also feels inspired to be happy in their life...because it's just's YOUR life...and if you're not one can change that but you. With that said...please contact me for any of your photography needs ;)

With love,


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